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850 S. Frontenac Street Aurora, Illinois 60504  (630) 851-7525

Airtastic Play Land

Based on the recommendations by the State and Federal Governments and the CDC, Airtastic Play Land has suspended business operations for the foreseeable future to help stop the potential spread of the Coronavirus in our community.

Thank you for your understanding.

Airtastic is a Play Land that offers a fun and exciting play experience where children can increase their physical activity with family and friends. Think outdoor playground with children running in all directions having fun while climbing, bouncing and jumping, but indoors in an incredibly clean, very bright, climate controlled environment.

Airtastic Play Land offers a unique play experience with ten (10) gigantic inflatable play structures and two (2) age appropriate play areas which allows children of all ages to have an enjoyable play experience.

For children with a little extra energy, walk-in open play at Airtastic Play Land is available 7 days a week – over 60 hours of open play a week!  Reservations are not necessary or required to play. When it’s convenient for your time schedule, we are open for play.

Parents are sure to find the play experience at Airtastic Play Land is exactly what their children need and the fun, playful environment is precisely what their children enjoy.

Pull your children away from the TV, computer or video games and let them run, jump and play at Airtastic Play Land.  Children never realize they are getting great exercise because they are too busy having fun!

We Do Not Accept Personal Checks

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Open Play Hours
M-F 10AM - 8PM
Sat 10AM - 6PM
Sun 11AM - 6:30PM

Cost To Play
$8.50/1 Hour
$9.50 for 1 1/2 Hours
$10.50 for 2 Hours
Parents are FREE

Socks Required For Everyone
Parent Supervision Required
No Outside Food Allowed